Yesterday I returned from the WMF 2011 Adventure for the Cures. It was an amazing journey on many levels. Alaska and the Yukon are breathtakingly scenic. Dual sport riding for nearly 2,500 miles over the course of 2 weeks in that region tested skill and stamina. The Medallion Pass Ceremonies in the evening strengthened the bonds between Dirt Brigade members and the global community as we revisited our mission to put breast cancer in the history books where it belongs. As a breast cancer survivor, the emotional and spiritual growth that I experienced as I rode to the top of the world has changed me forever. It is great to be alive!


Surviving and then surviving

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Gin, left, and Cindy

Gin writing here. Riding again for breast cancer research after having breast cancer makes it a little different. Not sure just how, but different. As Frances Lamey said, “cancer changes everything.”
Cindy has said that the planning and dreaming about this trip helped get her through the tough times during her treatment for breast cancer. We were both diagnosed after the 2009 Adventure for the Cures. Here we both are, over a year later, having survived, survived the Dempster Highway and living life to the fullest.


Hey Everybody,
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, the Pink Biker Chic here and we have made it back to Tok tonight. We were rained on and fogged on and drizzled on all day long and it made riding a challenge. We rode back from Dawson City today via Chicken and stopped for the night in Tok.

Catch all the latest Pink Biker Chic updates on www:// I’ve included a video from our ride back down the Dempster.

The Dempster Highway – Yukon


We made it across the Dempster Highway and to the Arctic Circle and Nothewest Territories! For all the action and info on our extreme challenge visit the blog post on the GoPINK Blogs at click on GoPINK Blogs on top navigation bar. Updates from our trip to Dawson and the stay in Dawson with Gerties Casino and a short off road adventure. Day 6 saw us crossing the Dempster Highway which was treacherous in spots and a couple riders went down. Read the updates at – GoPINKBlogs.

Here’s a few photos:


Arctic Circle: Made It!!

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Rested from our extremely hard day of riding in the mud up the Dempster yesterday, we set out to the Arctic Circle today. Conditions were much improved with sunshine and sweeping views of the glorious Arctic landscape.
We wish Kathy could have been with us today, but we know she was in spirit! Many photos and details to come… Stay tuned.
Gina + Mike


Day 3 of our adventure and we are in full swing. It’s been a couple of days since I have had internet so haven’t been able to update the blog for a couple of days.

We had breakfast and broke camp at Copper Center and got ready to ride. We packed up quickly and hit the road around 9am. The weather was cloudy and chilly. We headed over to Wrangle St Elias National Park visitors center for a quick look around. It was a quick 5 minutes from our campsite. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park was established as a national park and preserve on 02 Dec 1980. The total acreage makes this the largest U.S. national park, the size of six Yellowstones. Four major mountain ranges meet here, and includes 9 of the 16 highest peaks in the United States.

The view was breathtaking and we were treated to a movie about the park in their theater. I met a young lady working at the visitors center who asked where we were from. I told her about our group and that we were riding to raise money for breast cancer research. She shared with me that her mother is fighting breast cancer and that she has had a mastectomy and is back in treatment for some lymph node problems. I showed her the medallion I was wearing for that days ride which was the ring of memory. I explained about the medallions and why we wear them.

The medallion is 4 pieces that fit into one and four riders wear one of the pieces each day. There is the medallion for the future, survivors, ring of memory and the heart.

Each evening we have a medallion ceremony. At the ceremony each rider who wore one of the pieces returns it to the box being held by one of the other riders. As they return it to the box, they share about what it meant to carry that piece of the medallion. After it is all returned as one, the next rider to carry each piece is given the piece to wear and a hug from the rider who previously carried it.

On this day I was given the ring of memory and as we left Copper Center I didn’t know who or what I would be riding for. As I was sharing with the young lady she started to cry as I showed her the piece of the medallion. I asked her what her mom’s name is and she told me Lori. With tears streaming down her face I told her I would ride for her mom today and hold her memory in my heart and pray that she is cured. I squeezed her hand and headed to the parking lot with tears streaming down my face.

This disease touches so many people. If this story touches you, please consider a small donation o help me meet my fundraising goal of $2,000.

Donate here:…0&pxfid=174919

We headed out on the road and made a quick gas stop then hit the road for Tok (prounounced “Toke”). We hit rain along the way and pulled in for a gas stop. Since I no longer had a rain jacket, Sue loaned me her extra jacket which is a Kawasaki green jacket. I bundled up and stayed dry as we headed for our lunch stop.

After lunch we hit the road and headed for Tok. It rained along the way which was the first real rain we’d seen on the trip. We pulled into Tok and headed over to the campsite. We camped at Thompson’s Eagle Claw Motorcycle Park, a biker friendly campground with no electricity! Each campsite had a unique theme. There was an ambulance that was turned into a campsite. Sue, Gin, Trapper and I moved into the “wall tent.” There was also a TeePee, a Bunk House and various other sites.

Jethro our chase vehicle couldn’t fit back where the campsites were so we had to go get our stuff and haul it back. Trapper and I were about half way to Jethro when we both at the same time said “why don’t we get a bike and haul the stuff that way?” So we walked back and grabbed a bike and piled some of our bags on top behind me and I rode it back while Trapper balanced the load. Two trips and we had it all delivered to our site. Soon after everyone got in on the idea and started to haul bags with bikes until it was all up at the site.

There was a double outhouse complete with toilet paper in a coffee can and magazines. The double outhouse also had a wash area with jugs of potable water, a basin, a burner and a pot to heat water in. I managed to still take care of my skin while camping at the site. I heated some water to wash my face with and applied my tinted moisturizer and foundation to protect my skin. It doesn’t matter where you are, you don’t have to take shortcuts with your skin care.

Dinner was delivered by the owner of the campsite and we chowed on pizza and wings. There was a bird who kept swooping down to grab our food and if you put the food in your hand, landed on your hand and grabbed the food. If you didn’t have any food and help your hand out, he would bite you!

Nancy suggested everyone share about their first time on 2 wheels and each person went around and shared their experiences. Many laughs from all the funny stories. We had our medallion ceremony and sat around the campfire for a bit. There were a couple of guys on bikes that were camping a few sites down and bent our ears with many of their own stories.

We are sharing a wonderful experience for an amazing cause. Every night when we come together for the medallion ceremony there are tears flowing as people share about what this ride means to them and the medallion they are carrying. We are joined together and bonded by the road. Keep following our journey as we roll on down adventures on the open road.



Walt & Nancy Checking In….

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Here we are on the 5th day of this Alaska/Yukon adventure and having a great time. Aside from that, we are committed to the jpurpose and goals of this trip – to increase awareness and to raise funds toward the elimination of breast cancer. We won’t take up too much space here – check out our blog at