WMF, Inc. Chronology

WMF Festivals

WMF Festivals

WMF Festivals

The Women's Motorcyclist Foundation Festivals were multi-day events designed for gaining or improving riding, maintenance, touring skills.

Arctic Tour 93

Arctic Tour 93

Arctic Tour 93 Ride for Research

This was our first effort in hosting an Adventure/Dual Sport Tour with a breast cancer research fund raising effort.

 Four piece medallion center heart ring of memory

Pony Express Rides

Pony Express Rides

The Pony Express Rides represented a series of North American Relay rides ranging in length from 12,000-18,000 miles.

Monitor And Adjust

Monitor & Adjust

Monitor & Adjust

Having set a goal of raising $10,000 dollars for breast cancer research and actually raising close to 2.5 million dollars,

Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation 2018 & Beyond

WMF LogoHaving started with a $10,000 goal yet raising close to 2.5 million dollars towards the eradication of breast cancer, the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation is ready to go back to its roots… sort of!

WMF’s roots involved creating fun, dynamic rider educational events through its series of Women’s Motorcycle Festivals. Now, WMF will use its event management skills and the knowledge gained from hosting five dualsport/adventure riding events towards creating dirt/dual sport and adventure riding venues which will involve rider training and a charitable element with two new fundraising goals. The legacy of those men and women lost to the Viet Nam War still resonates with the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation. In fact, had it not been for a trip to the Viet Nam War Memorial, the wrenchingly emotional experience of etching names of those lost in WMF’s home area, the leadership of WMF might not have responded to the call devoting twenty years waging war against breast cancer as “Peaceful Warriors.”

Then, there are the sacrifices that have been made and are still being made by military personnel who have been killed, injured or forever changed during and since the Viet Nam War.

Furthermore, WMF, Inc. sees the value of getting more youths and families outside riding together. Riding in the dirt demands focus, motorcycle maintenance, sensitivity to the environment, physical fitness and constant decision making; skills that have tremendous residual benefits for our kids as well as for society at large.

Plus, dirt riding, however it is pursued, is just plain rocking, rolling fun! It provides a healthy high that
WMF wants to provide for more and more kids and families.

Therefore, moving forward, WMF will fund

programs which support female veterans, females in the military on active duty and female Reservists or members of the National Guard. Additionally WMF will fund youth and family rider training programs.

This will be done by partnering with a variety of Dirt, Dual Sport and Adventure riding organizations to provide riding/training venues around the country and continuing its partnership with the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists.

WMF, Inc. will host female focused but not exclusively female dirt, dual sport and adventure riding/training programs knowing that more female riders will equate to more riders overall. Sustainability of the motorcycling industry and riding communities depends on this premise.

To raise money, WMF, Inc. will create financially comfortable experiences in exchange for riders committing to WMF’s charitable endeavors with their fund-raising efforts. WMF, Inc. will set up the ability for riders to create their own fundraising pages.

SheADVWMF, Inc. Teams up with SheADV

The new Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route will serve as Dual Sport and Adventure Riding playground for the first off-road riding/training fund raising experience hosted by the

Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation in partnership with SheADV (https://sheadv.com )

This event will take place in August of 2019 and will be guided by the talented SheADV instructors.

Become a member of WMF, Inc. by merely supplying your email address to ensure you get updates and registration materials which will be available in October of 2018 after a joint scouting mission with SheADV.

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