2018 & Beyond

Travel with WMF as we move toward our future as a 501(c)(3) charitable educational organization. Our most important current plan is to focus on Dirty for Good and expanding the family of dual sport & adventure riders by focusing on training more women and kids.

DIRTY for GOOD invites riders to develop and hone their adventure riding skills while making worthy charitable contributions. ROCKY GAP STATE PARK, FLINTSTONE, MD, served as the base for WMF’s 2019 first dual sport training camp. Our previous events were all West of the Mississippi in Colorado, California, Alaska plus the Yukon and Northwest Territories. With this training camp, we brought our program of multi-day, off-pavement riding camps to the Eastern portion of the country. And we believe it has been a long time coming!

The dates for WMF’s first camp were August 7-12, 2019. Working in conjunction with Xplor-International Off-Road Training Centers and SheADV, Dirty for Good provided four days of professional dual sport training starting with closed range exercises and then moving out to situational training on the trails.

All of the details about the first DIRTY for GOOD training camp can be found here.