DIRTY FOR GOOD: Women’s Dual Sport Riding/Training Camp August 7-12. 2019 / Flintstone, Maryland


Get DIRTY for GOOD is what you will do when you sign-on for this Dual Sport Riding/Training camp! You will also DO some GOOD for the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation’s three new fundraising initiatives while having fun learning to ride in the dirt!

To learn more about all of the events, tours, and adventure training venues WMF has hosted since 1984 , go to WMF’s Chronology

WMF’s background in hosting Dual Sport Riding/Training Fundraising venues is very strong. We decided to focus our full attention on Off-Road riding with three new fundraising initiatives. Doing so provides us with a great potential for introducing females to off-road riding and for creating multi-generational families of dirt, dual sport and adventure riders.

The DIRTY for GOOD program is female-focused. However, others are welcome if they meet the registration and fundraising requirements. Registrants must have a motorcycle endorsement on their licenses along with a suggested 500 miles of recent riding. Additionally, riders must have the health, strength, stamina, agility and balance to be successful riding in the dirt and on trails. Don’t hesitate to bring smaller displacement dual sport bikes.  They are lightweight, nimble, lots of fun, and especially appropriate for learning new skills.

Registrants must raise a minimum of $300.00 for the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation’s three initiatives which are explained below in the WHAT YOU GIVE section.


  • August 7 – August 12, 2019
  • Riders stay over until 11:00 a.m. August 13, 2019 to be able to fully enjoy a day of self-guided dual sport riding on August 12th.


  • Motorcycle Maintenance Seminar on August 7th plus use of WMF, Inc. Maintenance tools for daily maintenance.
  • Four Days of Dual Sport Rider Training provided by:
  • Three meals a day starting with dinner August 7th and ending with breakfast August 12th (lunches will consist of fruits, nuts, protein bars, water).
  • GPS Routes for August 12th Self-Guided Dual Sport Rides
  • Dirty for Good T-shirt: Pre-Shrunk Cotton (you will give your size when you register)
  • Camping in Rocky Gap Family Group Site.
  • Use of a Four-Person Tent to share with one other registrant. These are limited in number so please register & request early!!
  • WMF, Inc. has three Dual Sport motorcycles available for use by registrants. To use one of these models you will be required an additional fundraising commitment of a minimum of $750, one-hundred percent of this commitment also goes to the three DIRTY for GOOD fundraising initiatives.


  • WMF, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable/educational organization. As such, there is always a fundraising commitment attached to its moderately priced Dual Sport Camps.
  • Each participant must raise a minimum of $300.00. One-hundred percent of funds that riders raise go directly to WMF’s three new initiatives:
    • 50% will go to Final Salute, Inc., a Female Veterans Organization which helps female veterans with their transitions to civilian life.
    • 25% will go to the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists Train-the Female-Off-road-Trainer Scholarship fund.
    • 25% will go to Youth Off-road rider training scholarships for those 17 years old or younger.

Online form can be filled out here.


Click here to download the registration form as a PDF. Please mail your completed form to Sue Slate

10 Replies to “DIRTY FOR GOOD: Women’s Dual Sport Riding/Training Camp August 7-12. 2019 / Flintstone, Maryland”

  1. Hi I may be interested. If I can’t swing it, this year, maybe next year. Does the $800 fee include the $300 that we raise? Also, I see you are based in LeRoy NY. Do you do any rides/programs locally? I’m in Springville NY. My name’s Danielle Fallon. (716)860-5525

    1. Lisa Malachowsky says:

      I assume you saw a Facebook advertisement and were responding to it. That’s great! The $800 is your cost for the training. You agree to raise an additional $300 or more for our charities. This is our first camp that we are doing with this program. We are expecting to do many more of these in the future but we don’t have all of the locations pinned down. If you are interested, I would suggest you join our mailing list!

  2. Julie says:

    I can’t this year. But I just got done with an ADV course where I was the only woman, and I would *really* like to do this event with all women!

    1. Lisa Malachowsky says:

      Please sign up for our mailing list then! We’ll be doing more of these in the future!

  3. Sue Slate says:

    FYI: DIRTY for GOOD’s $800 registration includes much more than just training. The $800.00 also covers meals, camping space, event shirt and seminars. We even have tents to loan. The training on day one involves basic skills development and honing. Days 2-4 involves being out on trails with the instructors providing situational trail training for myriad scenarios one encounters while dual sport riding. Participants also get the gps routes to use for their own return dual sport riding trips to the area.

    Hope this clarifies what you get for your investment in yourselves for the safe enjoyment of dual sport riding.

  4. Jon Rathbone says:

    Do you need any instructors?
    Jon Rathbone

    1. Lisa Malachowsky says:

      Sorry for the delay! It is our intention, in 2020 and going forward, to use strictly female instructors.
      Thank you for your interest and we hope you can send some women our way!

  5. Patricia says:

    Is this suitable for new-ish riders, and is there a dual sport bike still available? This would be my first training camp.

    1. Lisa Malachowsky says:

      Our 2019 was appropriate for new riders. In 2020 we are focusing on a training around the North East Backcountry Discovery Route and that would be for more advanced riders.
      After that, our training will go back to offerings that are well-suited to new riders.

  6. Sue Slate says:

    Not sure where you live, but I am leaving my email address for you. There is a two-day Women’s off-road program June 26-28, 2020 in Tamaqua, PA. There will be dirt bike MSF Training available. There will also be some rental bikes available as well. These course would be appropriate for a newer rider.

    Go to: http://www.overandoutmoto.com

    Sue.Slate@womensmotorcyclistfoundation.org / 585-415-8230

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