Adventure Resources

Photo of AdvWoman

AdvWoman is a Colorado-based adventure riding and training company owned by Pat Jacques. In 2019 she’ll be doing small group Round-Ups around the country. You’ll learn Adventure and Dirt Bike skills close to home where she can customize classes to suit your terrain and challenges.

Photo of Dragoo Adventure Rider Training
Dragoo Adventure Rider Training

Bill Dragoo, BMW-certified off-road instructor, and his company Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (DART) are known as some of the best in adventure motorcycle trainers in the US (and possibly the world!).

Photo of MotoVermont

MotoVermont is a proud supporter of SheAdv and advancing women’s dual-sport and adventure riding skills along with providing other tour opportunities in and around Vermont. They also offer both on-road and dual-sport motorcycle rentals.

Photo of SheADV

SheAdv is supporting Dirty for Good by providing training resources for us during our training camps.