DIRTYforGOOD 2021 Details


SheADV & Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, host organizations of DIRTYforGOOD 2021, has rescheduled its venue to dovetail with Touratech’s DirtDaze East Adventure Rally being held Aug. 18-21, 2021 in North Haverhill, NH. (See Press Release.)

DIRTYforGOOD 2021 targets female intermediate level dual-sport/adventure riders proficient with Level 1 and Level 2 Skills & Terrain with some Level 3 Skills riding Level 3 Terrain as defined by SheADV. (See SheADV Rating System.)

DIRTYforGOOD 2021 also encourages the participation of women interesting in gaining experience towards becoming dual-sport/adventure riding tour guides and/or instructors.

Touratech DirtDaze will be including a women’s training component involving women-only dual-sport/adventure rider training sessions along with female-focused seminars and workshops. Dovetailing Touratech Dirt Daze provides the opportunity for women to participate in both venues. Additionally, by signing up for training at Touratech DirtDaze, DIRTYforGOOD riders will get to know Shal Wilson, of SheADV. Shal is also the lead instructor for DIRTYforGOOD’s Situational Trail Training program. DIRTYforGOOD will start in North Haverhill, NH as Touratech DirtDaze ends.

SheADV & WMF also discovered a Delightful Dilemma! Before 2018, women basically had to go west to find female-focused dual-sport and adventure riding venues. Fast forward to 2021: in addition to the Touratech DirtDaze Women’s Program and DIRTYforGOOD Tour, there are lots of action happening East of the Mississippi through Over and Out Moto, DC Dirt Camp, Ruts to Racelines and Women’s Off-Road Moto!

On behalf of every gal who wants in on ALL the dirty fun, re-scheduling DIRTYforGOOD just made sense. Check-in with Sue regarding Touratech DirtDaze and DIRTYforGOOD. Don’t hesitate to learn of her experiences with multiple female-focused dual-sport and Adventure Riding organizations. Sue.Slate@womensmotorcyclistfoundation.org.

SheADV & WMF have one fundraising goal for this epic tour. We will keep the costs down for this multi-day adventure in return for accepting a minimum $250 fundraising commitment to support homeless female Veterans with children through Final Salute, Inc.

And “are guys allowed?” Generally, we have 20% male participation resulting in partners or spouses wishing to join their female counterparts. Every participant needs to be willing to improve her/his/their skills and raise funds for Homeless Female Veterans with Kids.

Cost: $1200

What’s Covered?

  • August 22nd Arrival – North Haverhill, NH. Six nights of lodging with two (2) per room, four (4) per two-room suite, or two (2) per glamping tent.
  • Opening night dinner on August 22nd.
  • Situational Trail Training and guiding throughout the tour with the trainers along with WMF, Inc. riding staff.
  • Breakfast and healthy (Pack your Own Trail) snacks.
  • Closing night dinner on August 27th.
  • Drayage for Luggage/Gear Transport
  • DIRTYforGOOD Tour Video, through the talents of videographer/photographer Robin “Bin” Bova. See the 2019 video on our YouTube Channel.
  • DIRTYforGOOD – NEBDR T-Shirt
  • DIRTYforGOOD Retro-Reflective Stickers
  • Butler Map of the North East Backcountry Discovery Route. 
  • Use of WMF, Inc. tools, topping oils, chain cleaner/lube.

What’s Not Covered (And you pay for…)

  • Nightly Dinners: Moderately Priced Restaurants or Chip-in for food costs prepared by WMF, Inc. Volunteer-Staff.
  • Motorcycles and Fuel are not provided/covered. Bring a dual-sport or adventure motorcycle that fits you well on which you can improve your skills. We expect to see 250c.c. – Mid to Large Adventure models.
  • Fuel canisters and/or RotopaX if you have a small tank.
  • Cash. We will be in areas where an ATM will not be available. Plus, you will need cash for chip-in-dinners.