Meet Your 2020 Instructors!

DIRTY for GOOD – July 20-Aug. 2, 2020

Shalmarie Wilson(Shal)

Shal is a certified motorcycle instructor for both on and off road riding. In 2014-15, she rode over 31,000 miles covering much of North America. In that time, she set the original known record for the most Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) traveled back-to-back with five (5) total including the AZ, CO, WA, ID, and the NM. Shal was part of the New Mexico Expedition Team for the filming of the NMBDR. Shal also manages SheADV where the focus is on supporting, promoting and encouraging women to ride, especially in the backcountry. In addition, Shal travels and trains around the country at events like Overland Expo and Dirty for Good. She has co-led 4 SheADV Backcountry Tours in the state of WA, with the primary focus on supporting women to adventure out, push the limits and experience life in the backcountry. As a BDR Ambassador, she is always educating riders on the mission of the BDR organization and encouraging them to get out and RIDE! She believes everyone should, “Redline their lives, by living it to the fullest,” for her, riding her GS in the backcountry is doing just that.

WMF leadership, having trained with Bill Dragoo, of Dragoo Adventure Rider Training, in Oklahoma, knows DART curriculum is ROCK SOLID and TRAIL WORTHY!

Louise Powers

Louise Powers will co-share instructor and ride guide duties along with Shal. The Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation is thrilled for the DIRTY for GOOD riders.

Louise currently rides a BMW F750GS and has done adventure riding around the world. In 2017 Louise served on the Rev’t Women’s Adventure Team. Currently, Louise is the Training Coordinator for the Colorado GS Girls and an adventure rider trainer for West 38 Moto in Colorado.

She was also the journalist for the 2020 BMW Women’s GS Trophy team in New Zealand.

Additionally, Louise serves as a presenter/trainer at rallies, shows, and special events such as Overland Expo West. Louise is often called upon as a BMW motorcycle product expert.

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