Military Scholarship


Please use this form when applying for consideration for the Military Scholarship offered by WMF for Dirty for Good.

The Dirty for Good training is designed for motorcycle licensed beginner dirt riders who have good clutch and throttle control -OR- novice to intermediate dual sport riders who want to add to and refine their skills. The training will be broken up into these two groups.

Please understand and verify that you meet the requirements to be successful with the Dual Sport Motorcycle Training. Dirty for Good training will involve 6 to 8 hours per day of riding. Much of the riding involves standing up on the motorcycle's footpegs while using body positioning for turns, surmounting obstacles, water crossings, uphill and downhill terrain as well as mud, sand, gravel, and rocks. Dual Sport riding requires stamina, good health, physical fitness, balance, agility, mental alertness and the ability to focus on and follow instructions.

You can ONLY be successful if you meet these requirements, have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license and are willing to learn. We share these realities not to intimidate you or scare you away from this training, but to ensure that you understand what it takes to have a successful and enjoyable experience.

  • Which branch of the military are you in?
  • Please input your current rank
  • What is your present military status? Active, Reservist, National Guard, other
  • Share your rationale for applying for this scholarship. Please include any riding experience you have that is relevant. Offer us reasons why you would be a confident, positive role model and spokesperson for the Women's Motorcyclist Foundation's Dirty for Good training and charitable goals.
  • Please read carefully and confirm with your initials that you agree with all of the statements where 0 to 4 characters are required to be entered. Enter the information as requested for the remaining fields where detailed information is requested.
  • I meet the physical and mental requirements to participate and will come to training rested and ready to learn. I will bring my license with its motorcycle endorsement to the DIRTY FOR GOOD Off-Road Riding Camp.
  • I either already have or agree to secure my motorcycle endorsement through an approved motorcycle training school prior to attending Dirty for Good. I will call or write Sue Slate should I need assistance. / 585-415-8230
  • I understand that this is a camping venue and I will be allocated a tent to use. However, I agree to bring my own sleeping bag and other camping essentials (i.e. a flashlight).
  • I understand the value of the Dirty for Good Women's Dual Sport Training/Riding Camp Military Scholarship, including the training, riding gear, use of a motorcycle, meals and all other amenities is approximately $2000. I understand the scholarship DOES NOT INCLUDE MY TRANSPORTATION TO/FROM the event location.
  • I understand that Dirty for Good is a Mission-Based Fundraising Event that provides Dual Sport Riding/Training with each rider committing to raise a minimum of $300. I understand I will be given the ability to raise my minimum through an electronic fundraising page which I can personalize. (1) 50% goes to Final Salute, Inc. to support homeless/struggling female veterans. (2) 25% goes to the Women's Coalition of Motorcyclists Off-Road Riding Train-the-Female- Trainer Scholarship fund. (3) 25% goes to Women's Motorcyclist Foundation's Youth Scholarship offroad riding training fund for youths 17 & younger.
  • I understand there will be a "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE RIDE-IN" in September 2019. (Sunday Date to be determined). Unless I am deployed, I will make every effort to attend & participate in this check presentation event. I understand that my lodging and meals will be covered. I understand that I will ride the bike that I used during the Dirty for Good Dual Sport Camp. Again, transportation is not covered.
  • Provide a list of any PRESCRIPTION medications you take or any acute or chronic medical conditions that you have. This information will be given to medical personnel in the event of a medical emergency. Enter "NONE" if this does not apply to you.
  • I understand that both road and off-road riding involves inherent risk. I accept the risks involved and hold harmless the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, Inc., SheAdV, XPLOR Off-Road Vehicle Training, the American Motorcyclist Foundation, Inc., Rocky Gap State Park & all other co-insureds.
  • I understand that my individual safety, as well as the safety of every participant, is of the utmost importance. I agree that the instructors will make the determination as to what riding routes best fit my skills set and will abide by their decisions and rules. Further, I agree that the organizers, instructors and staff cannot and will not guarantee my safety. I accept responsibility for my own safety.
  • I agree to not mix any substances that would interfere with my judgment, vision, physical or mental condition including but not limited to alcohol, over-the-counter or prescription drugs with the riding experience.
  • I agree to bring any of my concerns, especially concerns revolving around safety, immediately to the event organizers Gin Shear & Sue Slate.
  • I understand and agree to the use of my image in videos or still pictures for the purpose of promoting the Dirty for Good program, highlighting women in motorcycling and/or supporting the three fundraising objectives.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.