Sponsors & Partners

Photo of AdvWoman

AdvWoman is a Colorado-based adventure riding and training company owned by Pat Jacques. In 2019 she’ll be doing small group Round-Ups around the country. You’ll learn Adventure and Dirt Bike skills close to home where she can customize classes to suit your terrain and challenges.

Photo of Backcountry Discovery Routes
Backcountry Discovery Routes

Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) is supporting Dirty for Good by providing assistance and knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic BDR to our staff and students.

Photo of Butler Maps
Butler Maps

Butler Maps is supporting Dirty for Good with maps provided to our training students.

Photo of DC Dirt Camp
DC Dirt Camp

Founded in 2018, DC Dirt Camp aims to help students not only learn to ride but also to gain confidence and practice resilience; character traits that will prepare students to face life on life’s terms.

Photo of Dragoo Adventure Rider Training
Dragoo Adventure Rider Training

Bill Dragoo, BMW-certified off-road instructor, and his company Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (DART) are known as some of the best in adventure motorcycle trainers in the US (and possibly the world!).

Photo of Motorcycle Shippers
Motorcycle Shippers

We have teamed with Motorcycle Shippers to provide motorcycle transport for those on board DIRTY for GOOD 2020. This involves at least a $25 discount one way and a $50 discount round-trip. AND, the discount may be greater depending on the number of motorcycles shipped from the same location. For example: If at the end of your 1400-mile dual sport/adventure ride, ending in Northern Maine, a group of you may want to have your motorcycles shipped down farther South, closer to another place to ride and play. The group could share the cost of a rental van for yourselves and meet back up with your bikes closer to home or closer to your next playground. Doing so would give you some downtime, save wear and tear on your tires and oil and you would get a bigger discount from Motorcycle Shippers.

Think about your needs and share them by calling Motorcycle Shippers: 800-730-3151 (Pacific Coast Time ) talk to one of their shipping specialists or email: motorcycleshippers@motorcycleshippers.com.

Also, call WMF, Inc. so we can get interested parties talking to each other. 585-415-8230 Sue.Slate@womensmotorcyclistfoundation.org.

Photo of MotoVermont

MotoVermont is a proud supporter of SheAdv and advancing women’s dual-sport and adventure riding skills along with providing other tour opportunities in and around Vermont. They also offer both on-road and dual-sport motorcycle rentals.

Photo of Oak Barrel Cafe
Oak Barrel Cafe

Dushant Sharma, owner of the Oak Barrel Cafe and Citco gas station near Rocky Gap State Park is allowing us to train on his adjacent 35-acre property.

Photo of Off Highway Vehicle Training Centers
Off Highway Vehicle Training Centers

Xplor-Int is supporting Dirty for Good by providing several training resources for us during our training camps.

Photo of Scorpion Sports USA
Scorpion Sports USA

Apparel and helmet provider. Manufacturer of men’s and women’s gear that includes technical gear for the “Xtreme” distance rider.

Photo of SheADV

SheAdv is supporting Dirty for Good by providing training resources for us during our training camps.


Photo of Timbrook Honda
Timbrook Honda

Timbrook Honda has agreed to allow DIRTY for GOOD training to take place on two off-road ranges that they manage. More space to train and practice!

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Viking Bags
Photo of Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists
Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists

The Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists (WCM) is one of our chosen charities and will be supporting the Dirty for Good training camps. The WCM will offer scholarships to enhance the number of female dual-sport/adventure coaches available to train women and their families East of the Mississippi River.

Photo of Womens Motorcycle Tours
Womens Motorcycle Tours

By Women, For Women – We’re women focused on supporting other women following their dreams and living lives they love. Dedicated to the individual experience and the camaraderie of the road, we seek out the fun places to explore and the best riding we can find in each area. We offer a variety of tours throughout the USA, weekend getaways, and one “bucket list” tour every year. Women’s Motorcycle Tours offers both on-road and off-road riding experiences.