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We have teamed with Motorcycle Shippers to provide motorcycle transport for those on board DIRTY for GOOD 2020. This involves at least a $25 discount one way and a $50 discount round-trip. AND, the discount may be greater depending on the number of motorcycles shipped from the same location. For example: If at the end of your 1400-mile dual sport/adventure ride, ending in Northern Maine, a group of you may want to have your motorcycles shipped down farther South, closer to another place to ride and play. The group could share the cost of a rental van for yourselves and meet back up with your bikes closer to home or closer to your next playground. Doing so would give you some downtime, save wear and tear on your tires and oil and you would get a bigger discount from Motorcycle Shippers.

Think about your needs and share them by calling Motorcycle Shippers: 800-730-3151 (Pacific Coast Time ) talk to one of their shipping specialists or email:

Also, call WMF, Inc. so we can get interested parties talking to each other. 585-415-8230

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